A Haunted Palace

The Al Qasimi Palace in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has a reputation for being a spooky old place.

And with good reason.

The mansion was reportedly abandoned more than 20 years ago by its inhabitants after being tormented by mysterious occurrences such as furniture being thrown around and faces appearing at windows.

I have been there and was too scared to investigate. Maybe if someone had gone with me, I would have gone. I was afraid to go in by myself, not because of it being haunted, but there could have been squatters there.

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It's a very cool palace. I just looked at the video. I don't know why all of you think it's ugly.

It's not so bad. I've seen worse houses around.

I'm going to Dubai very soon, I will be sure to check out this palace in RAK. I'll let you know.

Looking forward to the telling Joe!

When are you leaving Joe?

I wouldn't go there! After that woman was murdered by a local arab girl. No way!

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