Anyone else see the Project Camelot pilot TV show regarding Mars? Here is the link on Youtube...if anyone would like to discuss after viewing

I feel they did a great job presenting the info with Bill Ryan narrating makes it a highly entertaining format.

I once saw the author Ray Bradbury lecture in person and afterwards people from the audience were allowed to ask him questions. One person asked him if the Martian Chronicles books were based on true stories. He just smiled really big and paused for a moment but then nodded and said YES!!! I was stunned as that was the first time I ever heard any discussion of us seriously speaking about going to Mars.

Makes you contemplate

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I brought the video/Mars to this forum.

I knew the next space adventure was destination,,,MARS!!! I will watch the video if time permits this evening. If not i will watch tomorrow. Thank you for posting...

Personally, I'm sick and tired of all the conspiracy theories regarding our space program. They are shameful America is the pioneer in this field, and it's obvious people are trying to bring down our great county. People, look for these clues to identify fraudulent claims:

1. The presenter has a British accent. (this ploy is used to make the video appear scholarly)

2. They flash many pics at once (so you don't notice irregularities)

3. They use black n white photos (c'mon we've been in the digital age for decades)

4. The photos are blurry (see point 2)

5. The people making these claims cannot be verified.

It will take more than fake videos and pics to bring down the most powerful and technically advanced country in the world. We don't have to fake anything.

I totally agree with Clyde. Do you think America is going to purposely send people to space in a fake shuttle? 

 Remember Challenger? Seven astronauts lost their lives. Are you saying that was fake!

Thank you for airing your feedback!!

My apoligies Incognito, I did not notice it was already posted. Glad people here had already had a chance to see it. No wonder so many replies so soon.

BTW, Clyde, the area and country in which this TV show was filmed is the UNITED STATES and the area where the suspected runway is located where Bill and Kerry are showing us is in Utah (which is also in the USA.)This is a lower resolution internet copy of the TV show which is much much lower res than the one that was aired on TV last week which would also make the photos more clear (especially on a larger TV monitor.)

Bill Ryan is from Australia. That makes his accent Australian, too :-) Bill was doing the naration for the show. They have a website which contain all files of video interviews that date back minimally five years. Many people know Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy and also David Wilcox. If you want a scholar check out David Wilcox is like 5 inches thick....that guy goes in more detail than most people who are not engineers can him but the guy is a scholar.

If you have ever seen any of Kerry and Bill's previous Project Camelot videos you might appreciate that a little art direction was actually added into this one!!! Believe me!! Previously they just set a tri pod up and then introduce who they are and give an intro of the person they are interviewing. Art Direction gave this TV show much more feeling. They made it stylized and the speed of imagery is characteristic of any current movie or TV show. It makes it look like it was filmed in the 2000s instead of the 80's.

LOL, I don think anyone would go anywhere in a FAKE ANYTHING nor a shuttle....!!!!!! but I enjoyed laughing my head off to that response, thank you very much for the chuckle, John Baker.  The building they showed in El Segundo, CA was the supposed location of the "jump room". Aparently they use a chair from an actual ET craft which was reverse engineered and so is controlled by the pilots thoughts. So if you imagine a location while sitting in this chair...then are  taken there instantly....just like teleportation on Star Trek....

BTW, the scarey thing for me is I recognize that building and have a friend who used to work there...EEEE GADS!!! I am trying to think of the name of the company....I emailed my friend to ask him but have not heard back is near the LAX airport. I want to ask him if he ever went up the elevator there!!

Clyde, if that video ruffled your feathers a bit due to your viewpoint on the USA then whatever you do...dont watch this show about Romney's Mormon family in Mexico.

You didn't comment on Challenger. I'm sure the families of the deceased would not appreciate their theories.

Why would they use buildings that would be easily recognized? 

Bill/Kerry...hmmm.. Australian you say? What people will go through to get publicity is just sick!

I am still trying to grasp the feedback about the NASA program being fake. I dont think this Mars TV show said NASA was fake (maybe I need to watch it again) but from what I know, NASA was/is the program that everyone in the world knows about. However, it was meant to appear as our ONLY space program. It is like a decoy:-) They still built real rockets and took real astronaught places.

However, the Secret Space program is within the realms of the BLACK OPERATIONS projects under the NSA that are funded by illegal -non taxed- drug money. In the Black Ops projects they are at least 100 or 200 years more advanced and utilize technology derived from reverse engineering actual alien ships that they got their hands on some way. (BTW, Bake sales would not come close to raising the level of funding needed for the research and development costs to develop this level of advanced technology) So the "war on Drugs" is fake too!!  We in no way wish to stop the way we make our money to fund the black ops projects. Selling drugs is how we make money for the R&D for these special black ops projects...they cant use the same accounting books for these projects that dont exist! 

However, that is something to ponder. They could have faked the deaths of the astronaughts by airing the footage and actually creating a real explosion on a craft that was not even manned....faked the deaths of the people that they needed to send to Mars.

Andrew Bassagio, the one mentioned in this TV show pilot is the person who claims to have been on Mars but he also claims to have been up there with President Obama. That is the big shocker that everyone is scrambling to figure out if this could be true. If that is the case, it explains why Obama would have a fake social security number from someone who had already died. it would explain why they would allow him to be the president of the US when he was born in another country...especially if he went back into time and then came back into the future...Those would be considered trivial details that are not all that important.

whoa....this isn't a political website...lets not get off track

You think a secret space program is NOT about politics??? 

if a person goes on a special mission in a secret project often times they have to fake their death to their family and friends depending on the length of the project. You cant just tell your aunt Nelly that I am actually just going to Mars but you cannot tell anyone, okay Auntie?"  Have you never watched ANY movies????

So tell me, what would you do John, if you were the president of the US and realized that your military picked up on thier radar screen not one or two but thousands of UFO entering your airspace every night? Time period is in the 1950s. Add another factor into it, you learned their weapons and technology were more powerful than our weapons. Our weapons did nothing. When we sent aircraft after them every time our craft and pilot were lost in the pursuit. Then factor three, you found out they were not friendly as you might have hoped.

What would you do? A) Announce this situation on a pres conference that we are screwed as a human race? or Would you sign a treaty with them (showing no agression towards them) making them believe you are now business partners that allows them to poach and test part of the population in exchange for new cutting edge technology that is at least 100 years advanced than your current technology. Then try as fast as you can to develop more technologically advanced equipment secretly so you might be able to develop something that can defend us against their technology?????

If you would not do this scenario, please spell out what you might do to protect the populations, give them the best life that they could have by protecting them from the ugly truth that your government cannot protect us from this invader to our planet?

It is sort of like the show the X files. At first you think the old guys are lying and evil and they murder people to keep their secret a secret but then once you saw the movie the X files we learned of the Horrrible truth these old guys were trying to cover up....They kept their ugly secret and lied so others would not have to know of the ugly horrors involved. The bad guys didn't look as bad by the end of the movie.

I am not saying Obama is good or bad at what he is doing but there have been some questions about his birth certificate and his social security number. There have been unanswered questions about his past.

John Baker said:

whoa....this isn't a political website...lets not get off track


and thank you if you or anyone you know have purchased any illegal drugs, as you just supported our local Black Ops projects. You may have paid for a rear turn signal on one of our latest black triangular craft that took fifteen more passengers to Mars this past week :-)

John Baker said:


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