Ghosts of By-Gone Days...

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My great-grandparents came to Ellis Island. It's good to see someone is trying to keep those memories intact.

I was gobsmacked. I thought Ellis Island was a maintained tourist attraction. A huge part of NY history, and it's fallen in ruins? Shame on NY!

They let Ellis Island go to pot! That is just wrong! They save buildings that have very little historical value, while they let history itself fall in ruin. Shame on them! (New Yorkers)

Ellis Island is a world treasure. What a shame it's fallen into ruin.

I agree mate.

Hey Paul. Seriously, did any of your ancestors arrive via Ellis Island?

I'm shocked like everyone else. NY you are disgraceful! My great, great grandparents came over from Ireland. NY should be ashamed of themselves!

I guess this is what we can expect about our history- gone forever!

Gone forever, but never forgotten!

I'm so saddened by this article. What is going on! Are we to forget where we came from? They can restore and advertised some crazy women's home (Winchester house) but they can't restore a national monument! Damn them!

If it rots and drops in the sea, it will be a shame. Eventually, everything will be gone or destroyed. We might as well get used to it now.

I'm glad they're doing something.

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