Have you seen an Angel in real life?

I am fond of Angels after I have seen them in some movies like "Date with an Angel" which is one of the favorites. I even dreamed about an Angel wherein I was chased by a demon, the one you can see in its typical form. I almost have a hear attack thinking that this were true while I'm having this dream. I felt a combination of shock and horror and then suddenly someone just held me and when I faced who's that person who is trying to help me, I saw an Angel, he's a guy. He flew me away from the devil who is still chasing me with the Angel. MY dream is like a fantasy movie to which I thought will never happen in my dreams. I have read some books that interpret dreams. They have captured my interest. But, I really would like to see a real Angel to whom I can speak with and be my friend and I'm curious if someone have seen one. I even created a poem out from this dream.

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I don't think we'd know for sure if we encountered an angel or not.

If the angel didn't acknowledge itself as an angel, then I would have to say no, I've never seen one.

I know angels are amongst us, but as a previous poster said, they are in disguise.Knowing that angels walk amongst us is a way to put our behaviour in check. We shouldn't be partial to people based on wealth or position. 

I met a person who was so kind hearted, I thought she could have been an angel.

I thought this girl I've been dating was an angel but she turned out to be a demon from hell!

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