Jailhouse Ghost

A ghost was caught on film in a New Mexico police station.


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I don't why...When I read this, I immediately thought of Elvis Presley! If this ghost was in Memphis, then for sure it would be Elvis! haha

So true!!

They showed this video on the news!!!  WOW  totally amazing

That is cool. It goes to show us, we are not alone - even in jail!

That's funny Charlize! I'm thinking that maybe someone was tortured to death in that jail. It could explain the ghost. Sounds reasonable.

That sounds about right Clyde.

I just read this


Do you think it's just a cover up? 

I saw the video. Hmmmm, I don't see all the legs they were writing about which could indicate an insect. Did anyone else see them?

It didn't look like much to me. 

It was probably a bug. dang!

I'm sure most of the images on film are bugs or just downright fakes!

I totally agree with you Jackie.

You know, that really bugs me! (get it?) :)

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