The Fear and Thrill of the Unknown

From the dawn of time man sought reasons to explain all the phenomena they observe and experience in their daily lives. Religions and superstitions in various cultures gave answers to almost all questions that man would seek. These things give human beings something to cling on in the void of the unknown. 

In today's era of technological advancement and scientific breakthrough made man almost invincible. All things that were blurry and ambiguous were now explained and mastered by science. Man's fear of the unknown became less. However there are things that science has a little grasp on and one of those things is the paranormal. Almost everyone has opinions about them and there are a lot of theories but not as many facts. Individuals experience them and I too have experience it. It baffles me and lets me fear the the darkness, the old places, and the idea of unworldly creatures and entities. On the other hand, this baffles and thrills me, making me a fanatic of the paranormal. 

Why do fear spring out when we experience the paranormal? I'm not saying that everyone feels fear in an encounter but this is a general fact that ghost and the paranormal is always associated with fear. Imagine seeing someone dead and ghost -like on your bedside, staring at you? I guess that situation would send me off running like a lunatic. But why? Is it that we also fear afterlife and death? Why? Is it because we are not sure what happens in the afterlife? Or do we fear these entities because of the possibility that they would harm us? I strongly think not. I seldom hear stories of ghost killing people, I guess a malevolent and evil living human being would pose a greater threat than a mischievous ghost.  Then why is the paranormal always incorporated with fear and being scared? (I also think Hollywood is to blame). I myself strongly believe that fear bursts out in the notion of the paranormal because we human beings have not fully grasped it. It is an idea and a phenomena lurking in the the darkness. Even science could not give it enough illumination to make it a common scientific phenomenon. 

The paranormal experience and notion is like diving in the ocean, dark blue and perpetual. You feel the danger of not knowing what lurks in the darkness but you feel calm and thrilled knowing you are floating in the sensation of experiencing something very extraordinary.


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In my opinion, the context of fear in the paranormal was hyped because of horror movies .. 

and I would honestly freak out when I am to see a ghost in my room lol 


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