I have a story about an Animal Guardian Angel I can share. I raised a little bird from two days old that I bought because all the girls at the feedstore were showing off this little guy as he would sit calmly in the palm of their hands..with his little straight erect neck.....his head turning as he was observing his NEW WORLD. The cutest little thing. I asked three times if they were sure he was not a turkey and each time they said no. He is a Peacock. So I bought him and two Easter Egg Americana chickens. I named the peacock Audobon and the chickens Chamomile and Ginger. Well, Audobon and Chammomile and Ginger all hung out and explored together and became best friends. Audobon especially admired Chammomile as he felt she was soo smart. He would just follow whatever she did. He was inseparable from her.

When he was about eight months old his favorite perch had become the very top of the roof of my house. I lived on a ranch and he and the rest of my flock were managed by a couple of Flock Guardian Dogs, a Carin Terrior and a Newfoundland Chow mix. One day I had been under the weather and I finally drug myself out of bed in the early afternoon but discovered it was so hot and I had not yet watered my garden. So I began walking on the path to the area which I called the meadow where I had my vegetable and herb gardens on the side of the mountain. I had gotten about one third of the way there walking on this trail...and Audobon thought he would join me...so soared down from the roof and landed about three steps ahead of me on the path...he exploded back up into the air when he discovered his feet had landed directly on a HUGE 5 foot long Rattlesnake. He had never seen anything so demonic...but I had. His eyes got huge and looked back at me to see if I saw it too...and the snake started slithering off as fast as he could....I was still in shock knowing that it would have been me that stepped right on it as it had been buried in deep leaves.  Audobon was like a cartoon character and ran over to the snake and bent his head down to look at the snake then he would run back to me as if asking ...What is that???? My peacock that saved me from being hammered and potentially bit by a rattler!!

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Wow...How amazing!!! I read this 3x's it touched my heart...Audobon, your peacock, a true Guardian Angle...Thank You for sharing...

Very interesting Flock. Problamatic navigating in here. Whom should I blame? Steve

Where is Flock??? Wonderful story!!!


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