• We should organize a trip there. I don't trust the pics and EVP. If more than 3 or 4 people see or hear the same thing, then I would believe it's haunted.

  • Too much stuff going on in that pic. My guess it's a fake. I'd like to go there and check it out.

  • Haunted places seem to be individualized. Maybe this is the reason why many people don't talk about it. It's just something you can't prove or disprove. 

  • I think this pic is a fake- but I do believe Alcatraz is haunted. 

  • Funny one Paul!

  • LOL

  • Can you manipulate Iphone pics? 

  • Jackie I see your point. I agree that evil begets evil. I don't know how ghosts come about. I just know they are there.

  • @Deborah- What I'm saying is that evil is brought on by the same spirits. Why do some people believe in home-bound spirits haunting a building/place? Because if the evil can occur once, it can do the same again. That's what I believe.

  • So are you saying because people did evil things there should be evil spirits there?

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