Are Mediums for real?

I was thinking about going to one. Someone very dear to me has passed, and I can feel his presence. I was hoping that I might connect with him.

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  • Hi Clyde and Gil!.

    Who are the Parrys? How do you know they are real? 

  • "PSYCHIC" is a general term. "psychic" includes everything...clairvoyants, faith healers, soothsayers, mediums.

    "Mediums" speak to those who have passed. Although, most mediums are nothing but con men, there are a few that just give you pause. Other than Michael and Marti Parry, I don't trust any other medium I've met.

    Clyde Smith said:

    Well then, I'm confused. What exactly does a psychic do?

    Are Mediums for real?
    I was thinking about going to one. Someone very dear to me has passed, and I can feel his presence. I was hoping that I might connect with him.
  • Psychics don't predict the future. Those are clairvoyants. The future is too uncertain and the direction you take determines that. Your past is set. You can't alter that.

  • All I have to say to this...fake..fake and fake

  • Hi Zach,

    It has been very helpful for me.

    I had several amazing experiences with a clairvoyant who did work as a medium. I wish I still had her name. She is out of Northern California. It was years ago and I cannot remember her name, darn it.

    Our first contact with her was to help locate a missing pet. We did not locate the pet but the accuracy of how she described our property impressed us. I later called her back just to get a regular reading on a relationship. However, she asked me who it was I was wanting to communicate with on the other side of the veil. I was like....."um...well, actually no one. I was wanting a relationship reading about someone who is still on this side!!" She said well there are a bunch of them that wish to make some communicaton with you!! I was a bit shocked. I said, "Who do you think they are?" Then she would describe them and tell me about something about the circumstances around their death. She would ask if it could be such and such name. Then the spirit would communicate to her items I recognized that only I knew about which confirmed it was them. One of my friends had died at a young age and the info she conveyed was really helpful for me to process their death. They gave me a message that was so helpful.

    I also attended a Slyvia Brown seminar and was amazed of the info she came up with so quickly. She even gave the license plate of the vehicle who had a hit and run accident in which this attendee of her seminar lost his leg!! But then she told him the spiritual reason for his accident and that he should understand it was for him to learn as a soul....very very interesting to witness it all!

    Also a friend of mine was from the Philipines and he had the same issue as that movie called "the Sixth Sense" The little boy who saw DEAD PEOPLE! He was telling me he saw spirits without bodies ever since a very young boy and it terrified him as he did not know what they wanted and why he was the only one who would see them. Later on he tuned it out never read books about it...he finally took classes in his twenties to try and understand why he saw dead people!! He said he would be driving and all the sudden he would have a passenger in his car with him. So he learned from his training to give them a hello and ask if they would like a healing? They might ask him for help. He learned that ignoring them just only made it worst. These spirits knew my friend could see them but others could not. So even though it can be a capability it can also be a bit of an inconvenience for your own life. SO the people who are offering readings as a medium probably do not have much choice in the matter....they are just doing a service for people to assist the people who have crossed and also their friends and family remaining.

  • I believe in them quite a bit because basically there are people who are given the gift to see and communicate with spirits and ghosts. I know this certain individual who was kinda weird and he acts nervous all the time. When I asked him why he was always uneasy, he confessed he can see "them" all the time. He also said he got used to it but when he sees malevolent looking entities he gets really nervous and scared. 

  • I saw john edwards on dr oz, it was pretty impressive and made a believer out of me

  • well Zach we all mediums and psychick is in every human being just need to learn how to make first contact with your 6 sence by using meditation is not easy it takes discipline and pations you ask if mediums are real I said Yes but not every one is a good medium some people use your own information against I suggest if you go to one who is a real good medium you don`t need to say anything the medium will pick it up.thanks for the topic 

  • Some are real, but there are lots of fake out there who are just trying to take your money.

  • I went to and was totally shocked! I definitely believe in Mediums now! The pictures were amazing. Really makes you think about the afterlife.

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