Auditory hallucinations.

Hi boys and girls, I have a couple questions regarding some things like auditory hallucinations. What exactly can I classify as an auditory hallucination? I'll give you some examples. They're really minuscule but I think the details count. If anyone is familiar with Skyrim, they know that there's always some background music playing. Well, my game freezes often, and it pisses me off, but what gets me sometimes is that when it freezes I think it'll be okay because I still hear the music playing, so I assume it's an autosave. I only come to realize that there REALLY isn't any music playing by putting my ear next to the speakers to verify that anything is even coming out.. which there's not. So my mind just keeps playing the music? I'm very familiar with this music so is that rational to believe? Another example is sometimes early in the morning, after I know my father is asleep, I can hear our TV downstairs like he's watching it; and I know he isn't, and I know the TV is off. I'm just hearing it for some reason, I don't know what to make of this.

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  • That's how advertisers make tons of money, by creating catchy tunes, so people continue to sing it in their heads. lol

  • You never know it could be something paranormal putting it in your head

  • Hi Danny, I think Ashley meant an ENT doctor. You could have allergies that could cause it.

  • You mean a psychiatrist? :D

  • You should ask a doctor. I can tell you about anything paranormal.

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