What comes to mind when going to a beach? The sun, the surf, snorkeling, relaxing nap while sunbathing? On changi beach however, one might also consider the possibility of encountering eerie noises and headless ghosts walking about...

Located only a couple of kilometers from the urban areas, this beach was once a very busy Imperial Japanese killing ground and was the place where the Soo Ching Massacre took place in world war 2. It was in this very place that they tortured and killed thousands of chinese. As a consequence, this place is said to be plagued with residual haunting manifested as weird wailing and screaming sounds. But also, some other active spirits roam the area at night...the headless ones at least.

Another peculiar and probably sinister feature of this place, the one might notice almost immediately especially when swimming or when strolling along the beach on low tide, are the hundreds of old mossy jars scattered around the beach and around the resort. These jars are said to be the urns of the cremated remains of the corpses of those who were killed here. According to lore, those who "steal" or pick up these strange, oddly placed jars are said to die soon after.

Well anyway, if you guys are thinking of a tropical vacation with a slightly different flavor...Changi Beach might be up your alley. :D


Pictured: Urn at Changi Beach, Low Tide

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  • I think someone already posted about this last year. But still a good story.

  • Sounds scarier than LOST..LOL

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