Deathbed Visions

My grandmother recently passed. While I was with her during the last days of her life, I woke up and heard her talking to someone. At first, I thought she was on the phone so I got up and went into her room. She was having a conversation with someone but she was sound asleep. I asked her the next morning and she didn't recall anything or remembered having a dream. She had been bedridden for a week fading in and out. The night before she passed. I heard her talking again. She was so happy and her voice was almost youthful. I heard her say how happy she was to see (?) someone she obviously knew. The next morning she passed away in he sleep. 

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  • Yes, it's normal to reminisce about your past, but I do believe we see everything upon passing. The good and bad.

  • I think it's normal to reminisce when one gets older. And I also believe people focus on their past deed they wish they could change. 

  • I wonder if you see your life in a flash before or after you die.
  • Hi, sorry to hear about your grandmother. As sad as it is to lose our loved ones, what an awesome gift you experienced from her in her final hours. I have had similar experiences and it is proof positive that life continues on the other side. She will always be with you...all you have to do is think of her or talk to her whenever you need her. My thoughts are with you.

  • Very interesting topic. All I can say, I hope my loved ones come for me.

  • If I smell farts I'd be afraid of what I might see!

  • The screamer for sure experienced something terrifying. I know this because I've seen mummies with smiles too. It's really interesting when you think about it. Did they see someone from the spiritual world right before their demise, or were they surrounded by love ones with kind words? I guess we won't know, until it's our turn. Something I'm not in a big hurry to witness for myself!

  • Hi Mohammed! Ashley is organizing a trip to Luxor once the situation resumes to normality again. You should come with us!

  • The last thing this mummy saw was probably his blood running all over the floor!

  • Hey Ashley! What a good post-kinda creepy but really good. I've read up on the screaming man and it seems he conspired to kill Ramsees III. Some say he actually did it by cutting the Pharoah's throat. Others say, they planted a poisonous snake in his room, but I don't think that was the case. And his (Pharoah) x-rays did not indicate any foul play such as a cut throat. My guess, they smothered him to death. Apparently, the screaming man could have been the pharoah's son vying for the kingship. If you look at the screamer's mummy, it looks as if someone cut his throat. Maybe it was an eye for eye, or neck for a neck in this case.

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