Deathbed Visions

My grandmother recently passed. While I was with her during the last days of her life, I woke up and heard her talking to someone. At first, I thought she was on the phone so I got up and went into her room. She was having a conversation with someone but she was sound asleep. I asked her the next morning and she didn't recall anything or remembered having a dream. She had been bedridden for a week fading in and out. The night before she passed. I heard her talking again. She was so happy and her voice was almost youthful. I heard her say how happy she was to see (?) someone she obviously knew. The next morning she passed away in he sleep. 

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  • 3206844049?profile=originalI was thinking about this topic again and remembered the screaming mummy. I wonder what he saw...Yikes!

    Ashley did you see it?

  • I'm thinking it could be angels that receive us.

  • I always thought angels came to bring you to heaven or demons to hell. 

  • Sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. I did find this website where hospice/hospital nurses witnessed the crossover to the other side. It is very interesting.

  • I bet nurses have good stories about this topic. I'm sure they encounter them everyday.

  • I always thought that someone from your family comes for you, upon your bodily death. I'm sorry for your loss.

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