Dog from Hell!

This is the first time I've written about my experience in Cairo. My friends and I usually visit Saladin's Castle

3206778622?profile=originalonce or twice a month. It's an amazing place, and of course, with lots of history. Anyway, around the entrance of the castle there was an old, thin shabby dog. It looked like a cross between a golden labrador and mutt. It didn't bother anyone, except me. I guess it didn't like the looks of me. It started to come close while it growled and showed its teeth! Luckily, my friend stepped in front of me and the dog went away. As we were walking away, I looked back, and the dog went back to his spot in the sand and laid back down. It sent chills down my spine because I was the only one the dog seemed to have had a problem with. After spending a few hours at the castle, we decided to go downtown for lunch. There is a little restaurant that I like, and it is our usual habit to visit the castle then eat Kosheri. Downtown Cairo is a 30 -45 min drive (depending on traffic) from the castle. We arrived at the restaurant and in the corner of my eye I saw the same shabby dog near the entrance. I thought to myself, I was seeing things but that dog was there! My friend became spooked and thought it was gin (spirit) that hated me for whatever reason. While we were eating, we tried to logically figure out how this dog could have gotten there. It made us believe even more that it was a gin. When we left the restaurant the dog was gone. I am very thankful that my friend experienced this strange thing with me. We still talk about it from time to time and still have no explanation for it.

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  • Could it be a different dog?

  • YIKES!

  • Yeah that is definitely creepy

  • OMG! How spooky is that!!!

  • Teleporting dogs are new to me though. 

  • Hi Mohammed! Tell us more of the ghost stories from Egypt. Surely there has to be many from such an ancient place. Do you know more?

  • Man...that is sinister. 

  • If that were to happen to me, I would definitely try to find answers from others that it happened to. That isn't normal at all. There is no way that dog could have made to the other side of the city-at least in 30 to 40 min. away. Each country has their own stories and myths, I would be very interesting to know what it means in Egypt. Mohammed have you asked anyone?

  • Just a plain old rabid dog maybe? 

  • Hi everyone! Actually, the dog that my friend and I had seen was a yellowish blonde color. I wonder if that is significant in any way. Toby don't miss out on Saladin's Castle because it truly is worth the visit. I don't fully understand why I had experienced the 'dog' but the chances that you encounter the same is not likely. Enjoy Egypt!!

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