last saturday night I woke up after an alarming dream:

It was about a plane trying to make an emergency landing in the fields, I myself was hanging under the left wing near the wheel box and saw that the wheels didn't drop out to touch ground as it should be. I tried hard to keep a hold to the wing while my feet reached out to the ground passing by so quickly. Then I realized that I made a hopeless effort of what ever I wanted to achieve, I envisioned that my feet and legs would be damaged to the bone if I didn't let loose. As the gap between the plane and the ground became smaller, the bottom side of the plane already turned brown from whirling soil I finally let myself drop out from under the wing to the grassy ground just before the plane hit hard into the soil. That moment I woke up, far too early in the morning, after only four hours of night sleep.

One day later I learnt that a small jet plane had tried to make an emergency landing in the Ukrain, broke apart in the fields, five skydivers died, more than ten severely injured.

Guess what, I'm a trained paratrooper! And I have a strange inner connection to the Ukrain and to Russia, as if I had lived there or been there as a soldier in a not too distant former life.

Can somebody offer an explanation to this?

Also, about twelve years ago a Russian plane with many children on its way to Spain was cut into pieces above our Lake Constanza (allegedly by an American air freighter coming from Mid-East) at very high altitude in very very rare unplausible circumstances, the passengers where literally beheaded when the hull was cut like a slice of bread.

Two days before the terrible event I had a mysterious dream that was so close to the things to come and shocking to me that I had to tell it to one of my colleagues in the office who has sense for unusual inputs. This was on a Monday, hours before tragedy struck.

On Tuesday I asked my colleague what she thinks now about the dream I had in advance.

I'm still wondering, I feel very humble, grateful and stirred when remembering such unusual dreams.

How come, how is it that one can have pre-monitions like these? Is there a parallel world where time is running backwards?

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  • Esp I Guess?

  • LOL...That was really funny,,,,hahaha

  • Bella, I had a dream about "PEE WEE Herman" several years back. I don't remember the specifics other than a weasel had crossed my path.
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    The Imaginarium Imperium

    I've had a few awesome lucid dreams in my time, I love my imagination, there are basically no limits.. and you can actually think while your asleep, I've heard some say thats impossible but, well, they're wrong.

    imagine, jumping on a trampoline, higher and higher, untill your basically flying, then realizing how high in the sky you are, before plummeting back down to earth, you realize your asleep and next minite, your hand shoots out and you grab the tip of a tree, the whole tree begins to bend while you fall, then when your inches away from the ground the tree snaps back and sends you flying straight up once again, you take a few ninja steps on a few ducks to go higher and higher, you notice a huge hydroslide way up in the sky and your heading for it, you barely make it, in fact your arms are the only things keeping you from falling once again, you struggle for a moment, trying to get into this thing thats suspended in the clouds, then again you realize your dreaming and hoist yourself up and in with ease... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee heheheh ah that was awesome.

    dreams that feel so real, can be so very epic, as well as so deeply disturbing.

    take the dog to the park early one evening, he runs off exploring as dogs do, you look up to the sky and what do you see in the distance, a mothership!! not to far off the ground, the things HUGE!! okay, thats freaky, wtf, omg wtf lol, phew at least its going in the other direction, uh oh, dont look up, so ya look up and blam theres a second mothership hovering not 50ft above you, HOLY MOLEY BATMAN!!! jaw drops, real freaked out now, time to switch to auto pilot, look away walk towards a few bushes and lay down under them, stunned, you can remember thinking I hope they just go away. and next minute its the next day in the real world and man.. well I mean, it cant of been real, but, that next day in the "real" world I told my mom and her friend and I was speaking as if it really did happen.

    (side note) I have seen a few UFO's just not up close and personal like in that "real dream"

    imagine someone mad at you and trying to run you over, you like lean forward, arms outstreched and grab the sides of the front of the car, jumping at that same moment, the car not slowing down and so in a way your kinda flying, realizing this is a dream and then all of a sudden you have super strength and start applying pressure with your arms, starting to rock the car from side to side, you are going to flip it over but realize your parents are still in the back seat, and so you well I cant actually remember the rest, but change your tactic and bring the car to a stop a safer way.

    im sure theres probably a few more, like the time I willed myself to fly, but that was a very short tho extremely epic dream as it felt so very real. the wind, the air, the ugh, everything.

    Lucid Dreams FTW!! :)

    Goodnight I think I'll go back to bed.

    p.s its a weird world, with all the paranormal things people have experienced ect, psychics, mystics ect, In a dream I saw those red "power cells" that the humans are kept in from the matrix movie a few years before it was released. see what I mean? quite baffling.
  • Write down your dreams Clyde.
    Clyde Smith said:

    Hi Starlett. Not really sure what you mean.

  • The dream world is a truly amazing place.


    If you've ever had the experience of waking up from an incredibly vivid  dream, or even one that has become a hazy fog/ or what I call, "choppy" but still leaves an impression due  to its subject material, you know exactly what I mean by that.

    But how does everyone else experience the dream world? It is this question  that prompted me to create this platform, where all sorts of different people  can share their own dream stories, and the world can perhaps gain some  perspective.

  • Stay "In Tuned" Clyde...Does'nt have to be via the media...;))) ♥

  • Last night in scientific terms there was no REM. In laymans term, no deep sleep...In my term, I was still in "THIS" realm/deminsion. I did not/forgot to mention in my above dream that there were also 3 mothers including myself (very choppy) I did receive a text from both of my children yesterday. All is well... I was not worried about them, no gut, 6th - 7th sense. Going to take a nap. Good Day...

  • A documentation of last nights nightmare/dream..Here goes...Two hands with their palms faced up were resting on what appeared to be the bible...I did not see a face,,, just hands. They rip off a very tiny peice of paper and handed it to me. On this paper was a picture of a, half eye...I did not ask any questions. I needed to put the missing peice to the puzzle together and so I did. There "IT" was,,half man, half reptile very ominous!!! Also a FULL EYE view!!! I stared at "IT" and the "IT" glared back...I woke up...The appearance of this ????? is very vague now...I'm not looking forward to getting any shut eye as with many dreams I've had>>>>de ja vu....Another choppy headwind. Hoping the duration is a one night stand ( the "THANG" was mad ugly!!! Good Night 

  • LOL. Yes,,,,Most definitly the GOOD KIND!!! :)
    Clyde Smith said:

    LOL...too funny! Ahh..what would the world be like without a few nuts! :)  The good kind tho!

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