In 1909, the Smithsonian Institute funded an archaeological expedition to the Grand Canyon. It is said by many that they found a system of tunnels there which contains dozens of pieces of armor, statues, hieroglyphs...the works. Instead of revealing this to the world however, the institute decided either to cover it up (if it was true), or kill the rumors (if it was not), nevertheless...the fact that these alleged Egyptian treasures found here would certainly be enough to prove the theory of Diffusionism, which is a school that postulates that culture has been scattered around the world through various means of transport. This would give rise to the truth behind another theory that proclaims that the celts, the aztecs, the egyptians, and the mayans might have had opportunity to share knowledge in astronomy and architecture. (The positioning of several Mesoamerican Pyramids and Egyptian pyramids are aligned with Orion's Belt, as did the stonehenge.)....So hoax? Or Cover up? Why would they cover it up if it indeed true? What other ramification would this net?

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  • Really funny John Baker! I think your spot on! That's what most do. In fact I just read somewhere about a American guy who wanted to exchange a very large amount of Egyptian pounds into dollars. That's just telling everyone he found some ancient artifacts and sold them to Egyptians who will turn around and sell it on the black market.

  • That would be a more realistic reasoning behind the mystery...but imagine.."cough cougharkofthecovenant cough cough". 

  • could be American tomb robbers hiding their stash until it was safe to resurface it. lol! :)

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