Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

ETH otherwise known as Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is the preposition that there are both sentient and non-sentient life forms in the Universe other than the Solar System. Since humans have gazed up into the stars, this hypothesis has been backed up by numerous accounts of UFO sightings, abductions, alleged radio signals, and obscure yet seemingly plausible connections with ancient Earth civilizations.

It is unknown when or how all this has started but evidently, the term Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has been used in printed form since the 1960s by many academic and non-academic persons alike.  In 1947 however, there was a wave of sightings most famously by Kenneth Arnold, a pilot who described in detail these disc like flying objects. It became a media sensation catching the attention of the Chicago Times, The Associated Press, and numerous other publications. The attention and possibly panic that these ufo stories even go so out of hand and it didn't help that the American government at that time denied having secret weapons and aircraft testing that fit the UFO's description.

On July of the same year, the government decided to step in themselves and investigate these events. Army Air Forces Intelligence begun a study that was done through the compilation of first hand accounts including the now famous Kenneth Arnold's. A second study was also conducted by the Air Force's Air Materiel Intelligence and Engineering group. This was the first official government ETH investigation. Ultimately though, both reports were rejected the USAF chief of staff at that time due to lack of physical evidence and consistency among the eye witness accounts. The whole story was then covered up using scientific explanations that were thought to explain the unexplained. 

Among scientists however, a poll was conducted concerning ETH related events occurring before hand. 23 % said that it was a series of unfamiliar or very rare natural phenomenon. 22% said that it was familiar phenomenon (atmospheric) and devices, 21% said that they were caused by unfamiliar terrestrial devices (x-planes and other secret government projects), 12% were convinced that it was all a hoax, 9% said that it was a series of unknown natural phenomenon, 7% said that it had entirely different causes from the ones listed, 3% were convinced that it was caused by an alien device, and finally 3% said that it was pointless all through out.

Regardless of what the Government and those scientists thought, the possibility of life on other parts of the universe still captures our imagination. Instilling within us the urge to look up at the starry night sky hoping for a glimpse of ET evidence. Heck, even the US government and numerous other national aerospace groups around the world have devoted enormous amounts of time and money to build orbital telescopes, giant radio wave catching devices (SETI), and other very scientific and very complex devices and methodologies to find out...is there someone/something out there with us? So guys and gals....what do you think?

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  • I agree with you Ilene!

  • Our government needs to spend more money on job creation than anything else!!

  • I'm sure we'll know in due time.

  • WOW! It really makes you ponder about our universe. Surly, we can't be the only planet with life forms - humans!

  • Interesting...a point to add though, it was a backfired goverment coverup that spewed talk about area 51. I cant remember the details though.

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