Good Spirits and Protectors

Ever been saved or been warned out of harm's way by an unseen force? 

Here's my story: 

Way back when my father was at his 20's, there was this one incident that he was traveling on a road just right to a cliff side and his headlights suddenly died. To his surprise an unexplained illumination was following his vehicle. He looked at his rear mirror and he said he was so scared of what he saw: a glowing creature shaped like a man was following his car. He did not speed up and chose not to be consumed by fear. He traveled the road on a steady speed until he reached the main road. He said he stopped and looked at it again but the light and the creature was gone. He realized the thing behind him was just guiding him to safety. 

He would tell this tale everytime the electricity would go out. 

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  • That's a comforting story. I believe it was the holy spirit that guided your father. Is he religious? 

  • The creature seemed to be both a guiding and reassuring light.

  • Wow, funny how the paranormal scare us all the time when sometimes they aren't malevolent at all :) 

    Thanks for sharing

  • While I was in college, I lived in a bad neighborhood. I woke up one night with my hand on the front door of my apartment. That was the first time in my life I had walked in my sleep. I stood there at the door in a daze at first, but then realized that an angel had woken me up just before I opened the door to go outside. My first reaction was that a demon had lead me to walk outside so harm would come to me. I have never slept walked again since.

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