3206777451?profile=originalDiagnosed with pink eye I still wanted to be at my store location for our promotion. However, I had a reaction to the antibiotic cream that I was directed to put into my eye. I had worn my sunglasses so no one would see that my eye was bright pink. I washed my hands every thirty minutes so as to not spread the infection. A member of Longway came in to buy an item and we started chatting. He was telling me that he was a musician and just got back from a summer long concert tour on the WARP TOUR. I asked him all sorts of questions about what it was like to be on the WARP TOUR. At that point, I had my sunglasses on top of my head. as I was getting tired of not being able to see as well.

He was very polite and never commented on my ULTRA pink eye. He stayed longer than most people and when he finally left he returned shortly and handed me his card and told me to check out their music on their website. So after my event I did look up his website to hear their music but then I saw this pic!!!!!!!!

He is the one wearing the BLACK patch over one eye. I googled every shot I could find of him and EVERY shot had him with that black patch over his eye. However, in the store I had not noticed anything unusual about his eye. On top of the patch was the words "OUT OF ORDER" to me it was a sign from the universe that I had better get my ass to an Opthamologist ASAP and I have the feeling that he probably knew too but just did not want to scare me. The next day....when I woke up I could barely see out of my eye. It was like looking out of a shower door with a texture and drops of water all over it....and the light was turned off!! I googled and found an Opthamologist ten minutes from my apartment....called them and they got me in like in twenty minutes and I had this very rare condition that if I had not gotten there when I did..I could have lost my eye sight in that pink eye. It turned out the optometrist and misdiagnosed my condition and using the antiobiotic was not the thing to do. I think meeting the Longway band member helped prepare me emotionally that it was serious...as I had already decided to get to an Opthamologist after seeing his OUT OF ORDER patch.

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  • Awesome story.. i would check out their music! Cheers! 

  • In my opinion, angels are not literally the one who were described to us as a person who has wings and in a white suit. In real life, there are actually people who can be called as angels with their good acts and kindness that help other people who are really in need. They serve as a real life heroes and angels without wings. They set as a god example in showing good deeds to people and sharing blessings to others that needs them. In doing this, they at motivating people to do good and through this, they are creating more good people to the universe.  

  • BTW, the band member's name is Trevor Jackson. I read a blog and he had written about the circumstances of how he lost his eye sight. It happened like in a week during a time when he was breaking apart from his current band in Hawaii and a very emotional period for him. He handles it very well....still is a designer a musician and a surfer. so I really admire him for his strength facing adversity such as that...and he just happened to come to my store that day....sort of a coincidence or synchronistic....

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