Has anyone been a victim of black magic:

I think I've been a victim of someone putting a curse on me. I know it might sound strange but I travel

to places where it is widely practiced. I've been experiencing very scary dreams and grunt sounds that are right in my face at night. Has anyone had similiar experiences. I really want to hear from you. I'm getting unnerved at this point!

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  • Hi Maureen. I can appreciate where you're coming from, but I dont agree with it. People from India (who worship statues they've made from their own hands), came up with the term 'karma', because they believe in reincarnation. In essence, it means that you better treat all things with respect, because if you don't, and lets say, you come back as a cockroach in the next life because you wronged somebody, the chances are highly likely that someone will squash you. Black magic is as old as history itself. Evil is older. For those who do not believe in heaven or hell, they would never be able to grasp the idea of curses. All I can say, black magic is real. Unfortunately, there will always be evil people who call on evil spirits to do others harm.

  • I think sometimes Karma may seem
    Like a negative force on you.. We are
    Not all saints all the time and may
    Have done something inappropriate and that
    Negative action has sling- shot back
    At you.. I know when people behave badly
    Toward me, I focus my energy on them in hopes
    They get 10 fold back of the "negative" they
    Had done to me ... Just a thought
  • I can related!

  • Thank you Clyde

  • Hi Anne. I feel for you. The matters of the heart take time to heal. The Egyptians have a saying, when you suffer, you suffer alone. You have to train your mind and heart to move on. Get a new hairstyle, change the way you do your make-up. Take a long walk in your city. Lose interest in anything Middle Eastern and discover something new about your culture. Eventually, you will put all that mess behind you, once you realize..you conquered it and not the other way around. I think you are a strong woman. Good things are soon to come. :)

  • Thank you Peggy , somedays his really hard, but I guess you have to let it go. Yes, I do pray and try to be strong but is hard when you know the reason behind all this mess. I miss him a lot and is not easy.

  • Anne, I know you've gone through hell, but do NOT be defeated. You will resume your life and get your strength back, mind, body and soul. I have gone through similiar experiences. I faced the unseen evil head on. I prayed. I always say the Lord's Prayer everynight before I sleep. If you are not a religious person, then you must get a grip on it. Once you realize you've been cursed, the battle is half over. Most people are not aware of it. They think they are just 'going thru something'! Just remember this...Evil NEVER wins. Think of it like this...A psychopath will wine/dine you, make you feel like you are the most wonderful person in the world, just when you trust and love him, he treats you like dirt. After the humiliation, tears and anger, you realize he is truly a psycho and you never see or hear from him again. You regain your self-esteem and strength and move on to bigger and better things in your life. You have a choice. You can either be a victim all your life, or pick yourself up, dust yourself off and find your happiness. Magic is just like a psycho. It gets you without you ever realizing it, then will continue to harass you...ONLY IF YOU LET IT! I'm going to pray for you. Be strong-Stay strong. GOD bless.

  • They managed to separate me and my fiance after 15 years togheter. After that I became so ill,I have lost my job, my flat, saving gone, I spent time in hospital and I am suffering from depression. It is true, the sister of my ex stolen also a pair of underwear from me, not just my hair, also some other stuff. The reason I know they did this to me is because my ex mother in law appered in a dream just before we split up. Also at the same time I was suffering from a strange pain on my right legs, I could not walk,doctors could not find any reason.I was also very confused, nervous for no reason, crying like a child,I know it was not me but I could not understand at that time the reason why I was so not my self. They destroyd my life.

  • @Anne, I am so sorry to hear about your troubles with mother & sister-in-law. In American, we could say, the in-laws will drive you insane in any case! Joking aside, I've heard of many stories about these evil people snatching hair and using it to create magic. A lot of times the mother-in-law hates the son's wife. Usually, she is just a jealous bitter woman and expects their son's wives to be slaves to them, and when they're not...the curse goes on. They don't need hair anymore, they can take anything that belongs to the intended victim, including sunglasses, unwashed clothes even rubbing something that the person touches every day. Kill them with kindness. That will run them off!

  • I have, evil mother in law from morocco and sister in law, stolen my hair and drove me insane.

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