Has anyone been a victim of black magic:

I think I've been a victim of someone putting a curse on me. I know it might sound strange but I travel

to places where it is widely practiced. I've been experiencing very scary dreams and grunt sounds that are right in my face at night. Has anyone had similiar experiences. I really want to hear from you. I'm getting unnerved at this point!

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  • I feel that way now. Nothing is going right! It seems everything I touch goes bad! I'm really tired of it. Sorry folks. Have a pity party over here.

  • All I know, is that it's been around for thousands of years. Funny how some things never change throughout the ages.

  • Hmmm...Your post made me wonder bout myself Jacke! Looking back, I'm thinking about this guy I was absolutely head over heels about. I would have kissed his feet. Now I think...What the hell was I thinking about...him! Yuck and more yuck. At the least, having said magic was on me, would be a good excuse. ha ha!

  • I heard that many people don't even know they've had a curse put on them! They just assumed a bunch of bad luck fell in their lap.

  • No, I haven't experienced anything...Thank GOD!!!!!

  • As many of you know by now, I am a big fan of Egypt, and black magic is a serious problem. It is also punishable by death by anyone caught practicing it. Apparently, it originated in other African countries and practiced throughout Africa and the Middle East. What Clyde mentioned is correct. In addition to what he said, many women use it to steal husbands from wives, mother-in-laws use it to rid themselves of uncontrollable daughter-in-laws, and the list goes on and on. Don't let anyone know your mother's maiden name, or your birthdate. Don't let them touch (or snatch) your hair or take any of your personal belongings. Morocco and Oman are widely known for their black magic.

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