Illinois haunted places Part 1

Alton - Situated 15 north of St. Loius, and is within the vicinity of the Mississippi river. A lot of us may already know this city to be one of the most haunted in America. It is also of import to say that this city is quite old and has a lot of violence in it's history. For one, this city has been the site of an smallpox outbreak from 1863 to 64. So here's a list of several sites in Alton that is of interest to us.

Lovejoy Cemetery - A ghost of a little girl who dies of an unspecified illness is said to haunt the place. Others say that the girl ghost entices her witnesses to play hide and seek. 

Love Joy School - It has been reported that the school is haunted by a poltergeist who likes to play with school supplies and light switches. Locals say that the school is built on an old Indian Burial ground.

McPike Mansion - Although ghosts and spirits are seldom report to be actually seen, a certain kind of presence. You know, that uneasy feeling that someone's looking at you. Also weird anomalies concerning electronics and the surrounding temperature.

I have particular interest regarding these sites due to that fact that i kinda live near here. Also, i just wanted to share. If you guys have been to Alton...feel free to comment. :D

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