• Never been in a Roman Catholic church to see their hieroglyphics yet but my sister just showed me pics of a Greek Orthodox Church in saint sofia churchPA that had a team of people come in from Athens to paint the entire interior. The work is breath taking, symbolism throughout the artwork. Highly stylistic, too. Is a Roman Catholic church similar to that?

  • Da Vinci Code and Exorcist are completely different movies in my perspective. I think the  Da Vinci Code is more offensive for the Roman Catholic church than the movie exorcist. In addition, I honestly think Exorcist was a pro-christian film.. about  regaining one's faith in god. Father Merinn was totally kickass.. for an old guy :D

  • Oh, that's nice Rodney. I have also watched this movie and yes, you are correct. This is not that horrifying unlike other horror movies but it became a hit after the movie was shown. The movie was controversial in a sense that it was perceived as being an anti-christ similar to Da Vinci Code to which was banned in some countries and was also condemned by the church. On the other hand, Exorcist might offended the church in its story wherein a priest is preaching about God but do not even believe in God. This created an uproar and so much controversy led by the church. 

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