• I'm wondering if Egypt will stay in chaos. Everything thus far points to it.

  • Sigh...Again, I'm going to postpone the Luxor trip. It doesn't look as though things will settle down in Egypt anytime soon.

  • I would love to see the ancient ruins. I don't think there is anything to fear in Luxor. They call it the open air museum. I'm doing research on it now. Trip adviser is a good start but you can always negotiate a better price for apartments and just about everything else! 

  • Hey they will have the presidential elections in May! Sisi is a shoe-in. Come to think of it, who else is running? It looks like Egypt will get back to normal. Yea!

  • I wouldn't mind going back again. Ashley are you up to going this year? 

  • sisi....

  • Now that azizi (spelling's wrong) will step in as president, life may get back to normal. Seems probable.

  • With or without the negotiable hassle, the people of luxor will welcome you!

  • @Paul: A negotiable hassle? That's reassuring.

  • Luxor is very nice. You will not have problems there. People are poor and they need tourists to make their living. Go and have a good time. 

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