• I just watched a program about sexual assault on women in Egypt, not to mention the youtube video that showed a young woman who was sexually assaulted at Sisi's victory party in Tahrir Square. I'm shocked like everyone else! Luxor will be on hold indefinitely. 

  • I think Egypt will get better.

  • It's still going to be a waiting game for now. The sexual harassment is a real deterrent.

  • Looks like Egypt will be secure soon. They're getting lots and lots of cash from all directions!

  • Yes, you're right John, let the waiting game begin. I'm going to wait awhile to see what happens. I might visit my friend in Jordan instead. 

  • OK..Sisi is officially the new president. Let's see what will happen. He had a very low voting turnout, so this could go either way. Now we wait.......

  • Hi Ashley. I think things will get better after Sisi is in office. Well...It may take a little while but I'm confident it will get much better.

  • I've seen on the news that their tourism has gone down over 3 million people who visit each year. I guess we are in those figures somewhere.

  • Egyptian elections are taking place. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I just watched on the news about Egyptian tourism hitting all time low. Maybe Sisi will restore things to normal, or make it better. Let's hope for the latter! 

  • I wouldn't plan that trip for awhile. All hell has broken loose - again!

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