• I desperately need a vacation! Is anyone planning a trip somewhere?

  • Thanks Lena. I'm going to use my Booalert app there. I'll have a lot to report back on!

  • I hope the situation resolves itself and you will be able to travel there again

    I'm looking forward to your account of the pyramids

  • Yeah I have to agree with you on that mate.

  • I would still go. Just stay away from their politics and don't offer any advice.

  • Doesn't look like Egypt will get any better. Yeah I wouldn't work as a journalist there! So much for free speech in certain countries. Yikes!

  • Sad day for foreign journalists in Egypt. :(

  • Sexual harassment! No...No....No! I will not go there! I'll wait until the new pres. gets it all under control. 

  • Well I'm a woman and if they are getting molested, I don't want to go there. There having a lot of trouble in that region. I'm with Amy and going to take my vacation here in the States.

  • I saw that too Ashley and was thinking about you. Egypt would be a good vacation but not now. I think I will be going to Mexico. The dollar is strong there. The food is good too.

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