My Guardian Angel

I believe that I have my guardian angel and every time I think about him, the name Camael comes out into my mind, This happens every time I am in trouble and asking for help. One time something different happened. I couldn't determine what i saw whether it's a boy or a girl standing outside my room.She/he was at least 15 years old, with slightly curly blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing a white dress. His face is so angelic and innocent that is why I never felt scared. Does anyone knows what this means?

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  • If only we have special powers that allows us to see where there is really an existing angel that guides us as what our preschool teacher has taught when we were young, maybe all of us will feel glad especially to those who feels that they are all alone with their burdens in life. It is nice to feel hat there is someone who is willing to help you in any way they can and constantly watch over you while you are in your sleep. Angels were introduced to us in a catechism class that discusses about the good and bad things including angels and demons. 

  • There are some books that provide dream interpretations and even symbols and images with their meanings. On the other hand, there are some people who believed that all of us has corresponding angels assigned to us. On your part, you have not mentioned whether the teenage boy/girl has wings. In relation to this, people who has the capacity to see certain people or things are considered those who have third eyes. They say that if you see people or a person who is in a white suit, they are believed to be good spirits and if they are wearing a black suit, they are believed to be bad spirits that harms people. 

  • wow your description lets me picture him/her as cherub.. he could be one.. blonde with youth and all . 

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