• I'm still wondering what that sound was and where it came from!

  • I've heard noises too...Something dropping off my table in the middle of the night. Still can't figure it out.

  • I'd rather hear a yawn, then a growl or moan. 

  • I've been hearing a lot of bumps in the night. You think Halloween has something to do with it? Do ghosts/spirits get more roused at this time? I pretty sick of it by now. It wakes me up.

  • Here we go....

  • I had another encounter last night. I had just gotten into bed and was thinking about work, when I heard a noise coming from ?....Either my closet or in front of bed. I couldn't figure it out. Even the noise was odd. It was as if someone was picking up my shoes and putting them down again. I didn't pay much attention to it. I did not look around and kept my eyes closed. 

    I didn't hear it again. I can tell you, I definitely was not asleep.

  • You must have been really tired then.

  • It is strange how you can't tell- whether you were awake or not. 

  • No mate. I haven't heard more noises. I can't explain that loud yawn, so maybe, I was awake and not aware of my own sound. I just don't know really.

  • Are you sure it was a yawn? My own yawns are quiet as are many people I know

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