Paranormal Water Dripping

What could be the significance of paranormal "drips of water" on our heads during an investigation at a particular location our group gathers at occasionally??

Several of us have felt the sensation of having water dripped on our heads, but of course, none is there. Even children who were not aware of the previous events have complained to their parents that it occurred to them, usually while the parents are in the other rooms having the same thing happen to them.

We know the location has paranormal active by a variety of spirits, but this is new. (Usually the activity is just touching us or walking (footsteps) through the room, heads peeking around corners,or late night light orbs.)

Any ideas what the paranormal dripping water sensation may mean or indicate??


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  • Yes, that does seem to be the more logical answer.

  • Thanks for the responses I have received.

    I think Clyde got it right. We have since learned that there has indeed been a number of drownings in the three stone quarries surrounding the area where this property is located and we're almost certain that one of the spirits is that of a young man /older teen who has been observed at the property. We think he may be the one responsible for the dripping water.

    Those that mentioned that it might be leaky plumbing - all I can say is that avenue has been investigated and there is no possible way that could be the answer.

  • They could have been drowned in the bathtub.

  • It could have been a prank.

  • I don't know it's wierd. Maybe the person who came back was killed/died outdoors while it was raining.

  • The ghost is dead in the sea somewhere and when it wants to haunt people it sprinkles the sea water on them.

  • Chinese water torture maybe? lol  Where did this happen? 

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