Sooo glad to have found BooAlerts!

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself...I am a writer who lives in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States! We are celebrating our 450th Anniversary this year. I recently published my paranormal memoir, The House on Pancake Hill and have been doing radio shows and interviews, trying to connect to others who may have had similar experiences of growing up in a haunted house.

I was lucky enough to have had Ed & Lorraine Warren investigate our house and have fond memories of them. 

My main goal for finally coming out of the "Paranormal Closet" was to help other psychic kids and teens and to let them know that they are NOT alone.

I look forward to hearing some of your stories! Have a great day!


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  • Hi, Clyde, Leslie, Ashley and Toby! Sorry I didn't get right back to you...I've been under the weather and running back and forth to the docs and for tests.

    Growing up in a haunted house that was built in the 1700's was quite the experience! I have to say that there were many "un-nerving" times, but in dealing with the spirit world on an almost nightly basis, you end up getting used to it! If you click on the link to the book, you can actually read some of the stories for free when you click on the book cover on Amazon.

    There was one encounter with a Nun that was the scariest. I woke to feeling the bed creak beneath me and to her sitting on the edge of my bed. She had an evil air about her and I actually got to see her walk through my bedroom wall and past my window (on the third floor!). I later referred to her as the "Twisted Sister!"

    Clyde, I didn't see the link for the haunted house video...could you please re-send it?

    The majority of the spirits that were "regulars" were from the Victorian era. Some spoke to me, but most did not. When I was in my early teens, I had A LOT of problems with Poltergeist activity...that was the most frustrating to me!

    What have some of your experiences been like? Do you still have contact with the other side today?

    Once again, sorry for the delay!

    Have a good weekend~

    Jodi  :0)

  • Is she just using this platform to promote her book? Seems like she should write some of her experiences here!

  • I guess we would have to buy her book to find out about her stories.

  • You lived in a haunted house!! What did you see?! 

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