The Great Global Warming Scam

Those of you that still think that “The Great Global Warming Scam” has anything to do with science should consider some of the latest developments.

Over Christmas Professor Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz in Austria posted a long diatribe on the university web site in which he advocated that all of those people who are skeptical of global warming should be put to death.

In response to worldwide outrage, the university removed the posting from its site, but it has been archived here: http://tallbloke.wor...arming-deniers/

In addition, another site has been established on which a “death list” has been compiled. This is a listing of the details of some of the more conspicuous people who are skeptical of the scam. The link to this site is here: http://www.desmogblo...denier-database

When reading the content of these links, keep in mind that this is supposed to be “science” in action.

The scientific method requires that ideas be exchanged and through a process of iteration, the truth established. The scientific process is never ending, and is supposed to be objective, non personal and non political.

Looking at the reality, “The Great Global Warming Scam” has long since abandoned any pretense of being related to science; it is now a blood sport aimed at grabbing the biggest share of the tax payer’s funds. It is now a trillion dollar, world wide industry, and it is imperative that anyone who stands in the way of this cash grab is destroyed; both figuratively and literally.

Even more ominously, it has long since morphed into “a cause”.

Those of you who have a philosophical bent may ponder how it was that in the 20th century the Communists and the Nazis managed to murder so many people. It is no coincidence that both Communism and Nazism are “causes” and have a huge following of true believers.

It is clearly evident that these mass murders were not committed by only a handful of people; they required the active participation and support of thousands, if not millions, of people. The people who were actively involved in these murders were the true believers: they believed that any evil, any atrocity, was justified in the name of furthering the cause.

So the true believers deliberately and consciously starved to death millions of people in the Ukraine; the true believers murdered millions of people in the extermination camps.

We see now the true face of “The Great Global Warming Scam”, not only is it a cash grab, but it is a cause. And the cause has its true believers. And the true believers will perform any evil to advance their cause.

Including compiling a death list.

Including putting to death anyone who stands in the way of the cause. 

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  • It likes Spring is coming in with a fierceness!

  • Is it true that the government can manipulate the weather?!

  • It's a huge scam. You would think scientist would have morals. Apparently, they can be bribed like everyone else! A damn shame. :(

  • All of America is in a winter storm. Somebody better tell Al Gore!

  • It's freezing!! Global warming my butt!

  • So much for global warming. Looks like we're heading back into the ICE AGE!!

  • Yep....the world is warming up but don't tell that to the people stranded on ships in the Antarctic! ha ha

  • You are so right!

  • I was just watching on TV about the global warming situation AGAIN! And I was thinking to myself, if our situation is so critical then why is solar panelling and the like so expensive?! Who can affor it! I would think it would be very affordable so the majority can buy it and make the world a cleaner place. This is the reason I am so skeptical about all the hipe over the subject.

  • funny! :)

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