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Ward off Witches

Why would people think. squiggly lines would ward off evil?

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  • It is typical of witchcraft for someone to hide conjuring relics within a house, and close to the people it wants cursed.

  • Interesting...

  • I agree. Squiggly lines could mean anything especially if they'be been hidden. It's no wonder why they call the era-medieval!

  • We may never know who made the marks and the meaning of them. 

  • You guys are right, some naughty person was hiding their cult signs. Then again, they could be a child's scribble for all we know.

  • Maybe the floor boards had been replaced over the centuries. But your right- the story doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • It makes perfect sense. They were secretly practicing witchcraft.

  • I agree with Paul on this one. If you want to ward off something/anything why would you put the anti-ghosts/evil where no one see it? Doesn't make sense.

  • Sounds like someone was practicing witchcraft secretly. Why would anyone scrawl things where no one can see them, unless they didn't want to be caught.

  • To ward off evil! I don't think so, if anything, those squiggly lines are telling the spirit world where to land!
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