• That's the whole point why the celebs need to speak up about it. I think there are more people-regular folk who have witnessed something paranormal.

  • LOL

    A lot of people see ghost but are not in the lime light as celebs

  • hahaha....Very funny Ashley. You might be right about it!

  • They should speak up. We are not alone.....Did anyone read about the scientist who say aliens work amongst us? Do you think he watched too many re-runs of Men in Black? haha

  • More celebrities should step up and say something. They are apt to be heard. I'm sure many of them had some kind of paranormal experience. Speak up and share!

  • Yeah, it was a pretty good point that Jackie made.

  • You may have a point Jackie. 

  • I don't agree with Paul and Charlize. People keep silent about their paranormal experiences, because of the above type statements- they must be on drugs, or they must be crazy, etc. Shame on you.

  • Charlize has it right! Well done mate.

  • Yes Clyde, I would say, you have a flare for the strange! haha

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