Black Eyed Children




Black eyed children are described as supernatural beings with an appearance of human children ranging anywhere between the ages of 6 and 16. As the name suggests, they look almost entirely normal except for their unusually pale skin and entirely black eyes. Most encounters documented have found them to come up to random strangers in an attempt to hitchhike or by simply knocking on the front door. Typically, they then ask if they can use the telephone or get a ride home. Those who have encountered these children say that they are often overcome with a deep sense of dread.
So where did this legend start? Sources say that the first recorded account of an encounter with these children was made by Brian Bethel, a journalist, who posted about it on a Google Groups listing for spooky stories. He'd been stopped outside of a movie theater, filling out a check when two boys came up to his car and knocked on the window. They explained that they were going to a movie, but realized they didn't have any money, and were wondering if Brian would be able to give them a lift home.

Bethel, upon hearing the way the child spoke, says that he was instantly filled with a deep, chilling sense of fear that he could not easily explain right away. The taller of the two boys continued in a voice that seemed to imply that they needed to be given permission to enter Brian's vehicle. Just as he was about to open the car door, Mr. Bethel snapped his hand back and broke his eye contact with the boy. When he looked back up, in an attempt to explain the situation away, he became aware of something he had not noticed before: the boys' eyes were entirely black .

Immediately, he snapped to his senses, threw his car in reverse and tailed it out of the parking lot. Looking back, the two strange boys had completely vanished from sight.
After this first sighting, the internet seemed to explode with more sightings of these mysterious black eyed children. Whether all or any of these claims are true, it's hard to say. All I know for certain is if any strange children come knocking on my car window, I most certainly will not be giving them a ride home for some movie money.

Have you had any instances with black eyed children or know of anyone who has?


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