Hotel with a Hospital history

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Hotel with a paranormal experience I will never forget!Hi Everyone, I'm not used to sharing my experience with the net but I think I need to let you know what happened. I've never had any experience like this in my life so it was a shock and what got me looking into the paranormal. After staying in a hotel in the UK for a week I was woken up every night around 4AM with a different experience. The one that really freaked me out was when I thought I felt a sharp needle being pushed into my right arm as if someone was taking blood. I woke up and thought I saw something and picked up the phone to call reception but the phone cord had been disconnected. I checked the time which again was around 4am. I decided to record on my iphone and see if I could capture anything. I could see no dust particles or anything with the naked eye but through the phone screen I could see lots of things flying around. The next morning I went to reception to report I was not comfortable in that room and when I let on what was wrong they told me the Hotel used to be a hospital years ago. OMG!. That settled it I had nowhere else to go so I had to stay the final night in the new room. I recorded the whole room and found no trace of anything flying around which made me feel a little better. this was a few years ago and knowing what I have learned from Ghost Adventures and other Paranormal groups I would love to go back and take on the investigation with the best possible equipment to capture better evidence.Please check out the video and let me know what you think.Kind RegardsDave

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