demon call the full version as it happend

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this happend to us on 09/1/11 we was talking to our friends in florida when things turn wild and all hell brake loose this is all real theres a part when my ...

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  • Becky that is just a PICTURE with that voice can emajen  him like that picture.

  • Juli just pray before bed time .

  • He is mad ugly!!!

  • this is the hall full version as it start and as it ends.if you get scare easyle don1t listen to it.when it happend my friend tom whos blind was listening to and want to here some thing again and he press record so you will here a small interoption in  the begining and anothere was my fault in the middle,all this are actuals event it happend on 09/1/11.any questions pleas ask. 

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