Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw

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This man goes to hell and has been allowed back to tell us what it was like. Some may laugh, but at the end of the day, this is just one of thousands of peop...

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  • I'm speechless.

  • I feel ashamed of myself on so many levels.

  • DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That scared me straight!

  • This man undoubtedly went through hell, but maybe that was his purpose in life; to put us in remembrance of GOD and that he is real and with us.

  • GEEZ!!  It feels like we are getting closer to the end of this world. This video is amazing and sad a the same time. 

  • Me too! 

  • I know, I'm going to change my life after watching the video. Like you said Clyde, death is just the beginning and eternal. I'm not going to spend my eternal life in hell...NO, no, nooooooooooooooooo!!

  • I'm with John...How can this man NOT make you want to change your bad ways! Great video Clyde!

  • I agree with you John. That's why I posted this video. "Death is only the beginning."

  • If this man doesn't make you want to change your life for the better...Then nothing will. 

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