Mysterious Malaysian Jungle Plant Moves by Itself

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We're in the middle of the jungle in Malaysia and we stop to rest for a moment, and I see this plant waving around. No indication what was causing the waving...

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  • If it's for real...Then it's creepy. Very creep.

  • haha That's funny....The little green!

  • ha ha I was just thinking the same thing Pam.

  • "Hello, I'm little green!"

  • I wouldn't notice that plant moving. It's in the middle of an all green forest. How would you notice it?

  • I wonder if the plant in the video shook for everyone or a select few.

  • My plant didn't move like that. On one plant, only one leaf bounced up and down, while the plant (3 foot) was literally shaking. The entire plant was shaking.

  • ha ha it does remind me of cartoons!

  • Almost looks like something out of a cartoon.

  • Wind?! I think not!

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