Ras Al Khaimah Haunted Palace - U.A.E

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RAS AL KHAIMAH // Every request for directions to the haunted palace came back with the same response: You dont need directions, it finds you. As it turned o...

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  • It is the first time I've seen the inside. It looks like the guys seemed a bit spooked. They didn't see a lot of it.

  • I hate to say this,,,but I'm happy it's haunted, All that money on the palace while the average citizen is poor. I still can't wrap my head around the cost of it!

  • It looks beautiful inside, at least from what you can see.

  • You can see after all this time (22 yrs), the Shiekh took his family and abandoned the palace immediately. Furniture, tapestries, etc., have been left behind. Even these young men left after several minutes. They did not explore the entire palace.

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