Screaming Mummy: I wonder what deathbed vision he saw!

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What did he see?

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  • I'm sure they had the 'dream team' back in ancient days too.

  • He definitely did something bad. Very bad. I guess murder held the same penalty as today. Too bad expensive lawyers and fame can get you off the hook! Not way back then.

  • me too! I loved that movie!

  • He was probably buried alive. Reminds me of the mummy in the movie Mummy. ha ha

  • They think this mummy is Petawer, Ramsees's son from a lower standing wife. Probably was. He either killed his dad or hired someone to do it. I wonder if his mother was a screaming mummy too!

  • He definitely looked like he died in agony. I've seen other Egyptian mummies and some had smiles on their faces.

  • I remember this story. This mummy is not on display at the Cairo museum. And thanks Ashley for loving my country so much! :)

  • Hi Julieann! That was a great video. I love anything connected to Egypt.

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