Selma Mantion investigation!

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our latest investigation in selma mantion PA lots of evps

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  • Ray   thanks for the comment Best Regards  luis

  • hi Ray I have being doing Paranormal investigations since 1989 just about 23 years and yes I do this investigations most of the time by my self and lately with some friends and my wife.

  • Mark I am a Parnormal investigator yes .

  • thanks clyde I try to get the spirit to give me as mouch as they can or want some times they don`t want to be bothere


  • hi Carol the answer is no only one time got alittle  scare do to a spirit touch me in my back but it was a gentle touch but still scare me some I love doing this and I look forward to go into the most remote places and very active.

    thanks for the comment

    Best Regards Luis

  • That was creepy! Louis, do you ever get frightened while doing these investigations?

This reply was deleted.
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