THE NEWS Live for Nov. 9, 2012 - "Obama: The 2012 Time-Travel-Captured U.S. Presidency"

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THE NEWS Live UPDATE: Hi! A number of people have written asking for a transcript of THE NEWS Live. If there is a volunteer who would like to create a transc...

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  • now this is way beyond politics as this is now in the realm of EXOPolitics!!!

    Exopolitics is an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences , that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.

    The ET Presence
    Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials, and that has been the case for a long time. The evidence is all over the place. 'Then why haven't I seen…
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