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I would love the possibility of aliens visiting earth lol .. 

but not the hostile ones.. 

I don't know if they exist or not. Anything is possible. If they do exist, most of us will be bias towards them due to all the Hollywood versions of them.

I think they exist. With all the planets in the universe, it would be presumptuous to think ours is the only one that supports life.

Have y'all met anyone who was just so dang strange that you thought there is no way they are from here? Well my friends, they could readily be from another planet. Men in Black- are amongst us. lol

That is really funny Charlize, but I know what you mean! I've met a few 'aliens' in my day. I hope the real ones are much down to earth than the non ones. lolol

Until we build a spacecraft that can fly light years away within a reasonable time, we may never know.

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