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The Benevolent Ouija

Posted by Tri-City NY Paranormal Society on April 28, 2014 at 3:05pm 16 Comments

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

Trends.   There are a lot of them.   As a society, we see them come and go as fast as the Japanese Bullet train, and sometimes as slow as a banana slug on the sidewalk.  It seems like most of…


The Egyptian Nile

Posted by Ashley on June 4, 2013 at 4:09am 18 Comments

The ancient Egyptian culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all time. The pharoahs along with their elaborate lifestyles have given a treasure trove of information to us. I have travelled around the world and enjoyed learning about…




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A social paranormal community. Unlike other ghost hunting sites, this unique community provides interaction among people with similar interests. Upload photos, videos and make connections with other people across the globe.


Looking for A Ghost!

Started by Ashley in General Discussion. Last reply by Ashley on Friday. 10 Replies

After reading Clyde's post about bringing the boo app with me to Luxor, got me thinking. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Clyde. I have downloaded the app after watching the bell witch cave video and will bring it with me on all my trips - especially…Continue

Another Haunting

Started by Janna in General Discussion. Last reply by Ashley on Friday. 4 Replies

Was she trying to get out of her rent contract, or was her house really spooked?…Continue

Noises at Night

Started by Paul Ludin in General Discussion. Last reply by Jackie Anton on Thursday. 12 Replies

I heard a male's loud yawn last night. It was emanating from my room. No one is in my house. It was the strangest encounter yet!Continue

You smell perfume and I smell farts!

Started by Andrew Collins in General Discussion. Last reply by Larry Sep 6. 30 Replies

No joke. I wish it was perfume that I smell.Continue

Do you Belive That Orbs Are Real Spirits or just Dust????

Started by Luis Campos in General Discussion. Last reply by Larry Sep 6. 11 Replies

I belive that not every orb is dust and 80% are real spirits orbs,what do you think??Continue

Dream Interpretation

Started by Jackie Anton in General Discussion. Last reply by Deborah Nigh Aug 26. 30 Replies

I had a dream about eating with a King. I don't know what country he was from, but is anyone good at interpretations?Continue

Paranormal or my mind playing tricks on me?

Started by Toby in General Discussion. Last reply by John Baker Aug 22. 23 Replies

Can we blame every bump in the night paranormal activity? Continue


Started by Carol in General Discussion. Last reply by Jackie Anton Aug 18. 29 Replies

Lately, I've been smelling perfume when I sit and watch TV. I don't smell in anywhere else in my house but the living room. What does that mean?Continue


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Ashley replied to Ashley's discussion Looking for A Ghost!
"I'm thinking about a trip in December. Does anyone want to travel to distant lands?"
Ashley replied to Janna's discussion Another Haunting
"So what happened in the house? The article really didn't go into much depth."
Janna replied to Janna's discussion Another Haunting
"I was thinking the same thing Jackie. I agree with you. The place was spooked!"
Jackie Anton replied to Paul Ludin's discussion Noises at Night
"Hey Paul, did you hear any more noises?"

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