Another Haunting

Was she trying to get out of her rent contract, or was her house really spooked?

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It appears that the women did not know the history of the family who lived there. Sounds like a real haunting to me.

Usually, people do not rent a place and go through all the trouble of moving- packing-unpacking, then moving again within a short space of time. Something evil was in that house to make those people leave.

I was thinking the same thing Jackie. I agree with you. The place was spooked!

So what happened in the house? The article really didn't go into much depth.

Many people have seen some aspect of the paranormal world.

There are many haunted dwellings all around the world. Not to mention, the one's who don't make it on the news.

If I had a haunted house, I'd move. No doubt about it.

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