Are ghosts aliens??

There are many things in this world and universe that cannot be explained. Many fall in the same categoy, but some are hard to connect. For instance: Ghosts/Spirits with aliens. Are they similar? 
I have read cases in which people are told, in dreams through the help of greys, that their long-dead relatives live on distant planets. Also, some believe that Jesus lives on Venus!
Anyway, it is a known fact that some other force in our world is at work. The evidence is scarce...but they're everywhere;on news reports, books, television, and in personal experiences. Are these Spirits aliens? Or are they involved with something much deeper and sinister?
Please discuss-

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Such nonsense!

What evidence are you talking about?! I searched related topics on this take on ghosts but all that came up were some incredulous and baseless presumptions that are either poorly researched or pure opinion..Needless to say it's an interesting take on things but those evidence of ghosts being aliens are eluding me.

Jeez trey, no need to be so pushy man! This post was like, throwing it out there. A musing on probability if you will...don't take it too much as a serious and credible theory....

Sorry, heh. Might have been too eager to deject the result of your musings, sorry. But still, the likelihood of ghosts being aliens is new a fairly new idea to me and i have failed to find articles backing it up...only thing i found though was a movie called "Contact (1997)"...which was, i think, pure fiction and wishful thinking. LOL 

I don't see any connection.

I'm with Abigail on this one!

I don't think aliens and ghosts are similar. Aliens, albeit, are unseen (except in Men in Black), we are not sure if they exist in the universe/galaxy or not. Some think we are not alone while others scoff at the idea of little green men with huge eyes. I don't know

if aliens/people live on other planets, but I do know for sure spirits/ghosts exist. I know this to be true from my own experiences.

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