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I go to Egypt about once a year. One of my favorite things to do is ride horses late at night around the 3 pyramids. One night, while riding with a friend, we heard a very loud roar (lack for better words) at the base of Kufu Pyramid. I never heard an animal or human make that sound. Our horses had begun to rear up and took off running. It sent shivers down my spine. I wasn't afraid. It just seemed natural, considering I was in a country with an ancient history. Has anyone else had similar experiences in Egypt?

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Egypt is a really cool place. I've been there 3 times. In some places around Cairo it seems like nothing has changed the way people do things since 4000 years ago. Luxor is my favorite place that's where all the tombs are called valley of the kings and queens. I had an eerie experience inside one of the tombs. When you go inside a tomb you have to walk down a bunch of wooden plank like stairs to reach the coffin of the pharoah and right before I got to it..I felt something on my arm like a squeeze or pinch. Yeah, that was really wierd. Another place called habu temple is suppose to be haunted. One of the tourists at the hotel said they saw strange things there but didn't say what. 

Hi Jackie! I went to Habu Temple and it was spooky. The little chambers in the back of the temple called, holy of holies was definitely haunted. I found a video to give everyone an idea what it's like inside. Luxor Temple was alright. I didn't get spooked there, but Habu...a very chilling experience. 

Hi! My name is Mohammed and I am from Egypt. I'm very happy that yu love my country. We are happy to have you come and visit. You are welcome. Thank you.

I would love to go to Egypt! Had some friends that went there and had the best time of their lives. I love history and to be able to see it-still standing is exciting! Jackie do you have any suggestions where to go? Which hotels to stay in, etc. Always looking for bargains. Is it expensive? Thanks!

Dear John,

Thank you for your comment about Egypt. I hope you visit my lovely country. You will really enjoy. Please contact me before you go. I will tell you the best places in Cairo and Luxor.  Thank you.

I would love to go to Egypt! All the history that you can see...without viewing in a museum. There must be a lot of haunted places there. The history of Egypt goes back 6000 yrs or more, so you would think there are really good haunted places to see. I hope to go soon. 

Hi Mohammed! Where are the best places to go in Cairo and Luxor? Are there other places that are interesting too? Thx.

Hello Charlize! Egypt has many interesting things to see. If you go to Cairo make sure you go to the museum. Saladin's Castle is a favourite for locals. It is said to be haunted. Mena House is another place known to have strange things going on. It was originally a house built for King Ismail to stay while hunting in the desert. It is a 5 minute walk from the pyramids. It's now a hotel. I hope this helps.

Hi All! We plan to visit Egypt when the political situation becomes stable. I will report anything that is out of the ordinary. :-0

Hey! I'd like to visit Egypt one day. I bet they have alot of spooky things goin on over there.

Egypt has to be the most haunted places on earth! All those tombs and mummys have tons of stories behind them. They were into magic and curses. The tombs are suppose to have curses on them to keep people away. I would like to go and see it for myself.

I would love to go to Egypt too. I've always wanted to go there especially after watching the Mummy movie. I think, I will save up and try to go. I'll let y'all know what happens out there.

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