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I go to Egypt about once a year. One of my favorite things to do is ride horses late at night around the 3 pyramids. One night, while riding with a friend, we heard a very loud roar (lack for better words) at the base of Kufu Pyramid. I never heard an animal or human make that sound. Our horses had begun to rear up and took off running. It sent shivers down my spine. I wasn't afraid. It just seemed natural, considering I was in a country with an ancient history. Has anyone else had similar experiences in Egypt?

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Anyone ever thought about doing an investigation in Egypt? 

Hi Everyone...I am going to Egypt this summe..YEA! I will let you know what I've experienced along the way. I will check out the pyramids late at night. Hopefully, I will encounter something wonderfully strange!

  • Hi Everyone...I am going to Egypt this summer            
Hi Jami! You will have a great time in Egypt. If I can help you with anything, please email me.

Hi Mohammed,

I would love to go to Egypt too. Have you experienced anything scary? I would think there are many ghost stories that have gone on for thousands of years! Mohammed please email me and let me know the best places in Egypt. Thanks!

I have friends who frequently go to Egypt. I will ask them if they experienced anything out of the ordinary. My friend mentions that in some parts of Cairo, it was like walking back in history 2000 years. I plan to go once things settle down there. I intend to go to the 'out of the way' places that most tourists never see. It should be very interesting and a little spooky.

I've never been to Egypt but i would love to go to experience the strange feeling being there in that place.

Now that Egypt has a new president, things should be calm and safe. I'm thinking about going to Egypt myself and will defintely check out the pyramids.

Cairo is hot and sticky from June - Aug. The pollution is very bad and can be sufficating. Luxor is very hot. Temperatures can reach 115 F. But it is a dry heat which makes it more tolerable than Cairo. Also, Luxor is far less polluted and has more to see.

I am going to go there next year to check it out. I know there has to  be a lot of paranormal activity there. 

I wonder where the most sensitive areas are in Egypt. Anyone have an experience there?

  • Tourists have reportedly heard voices throughout the palace late at night. Guards and police have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of people who were once residents of the palace, wandering the outside lawn at midnight

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