Have you seen an Angel in real life?

I am fond of Angels after I have seen them in some movies like "Date with an Angel" which is one of the favorites. I even dreamed about an Angel wherein I was chased by a demon, the one you can see in its typical form. I almost have a hear attack thinking that this were true while I'm having this dream. I felt a combination of shock and horror and then suddenly someone just held me and when I faced who's that person who is trying to help me, I saw an Angel, he's a guy. He flew me away from the devil who is still chasing me with the Angel. MY dream is like a fantasy movie to which I thought will never happen in my dreams. I have read some books that interpret dreams. They have captured my interest. But, I really would like to see a real Angel to whom I can speak with and be my friend and I'm curious if someone have seen one. I even created a poem out from this dream.

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No, I haven't but like you, I also would love to see a real one like he is just in front of me that I can touch and to converse with. How I wish I can see an Angel. If that happens, that would be my most memorable day ever.

I believe you are most likely to encounter a real demon than a "stereotype" angel in real life. I guess, just like other entities, they manifest themselves in different forms as good spirits, balls of light, or whatever. I find it very hard to believe in the "Christian" concept of an angel.   

I would love to see an angel in real life but I think it would freak me out like a normal ghost would. Anyhow, I would rather see an angel then those scary wraiths 

Some people claims that they have seen Angels especially those who are gifted with a third eye. On the other hand, this third eye is considered by others that possesses them as jinx in a sense that they always see the morbid faces of dead people which is extremely scary. To those who are quite weak, they might not able to bear the unpleasant sights he/she was able to discover on a daily basis.

@ray woah.. that's radical. I'm kinda thankful i don't have a wide open third eye. lol 

I'm also curious what it really feels like if you have a third eye. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe this because I haven't experienced it. A friend have told me that there is no such thing as third eye and those images are just created by their very minds. This made me confuse what to believe.

I woudn't wish for a "third eye". However, I saw something once.. and I was certain that it was something paranormal. I think you don't need to have a third eye in order to see them. I personally think that they are always present in the atmosphere.. in the surroundings.. we just can't see them.. but there are times that their realm would overlap with us.. thus we see them. Just a thought though. lol .. 

Someone mentioned on the forum about how we should take care of strangers, because they may be angels unaware. I truly believe it. I'm quite sure many of us have encountered angels sent down from heaven, yet we didn't recognize them to be so. Makes me think...We should treat all people with kindness and respect.

@John Baker, I really like that way of thinking. If people do this then the world would be a better place :)

On the other hand, there are really a real life angels to whom we can rely on in real life. These are people who serve like heroes to those who are in need. They don't have wings literally but their goodness can be compared to an angel who basically do good and help. If most people are like this in any part of the world, then heaven is already on earth.

David, yes basically i believe the reality we live in IS heaven and hell. We humans have the power to make it a living hell or a utopia... 

sadly, greed and violence is domineering.. in my observation.. 

Yes, nowadays, the world that we live is a chaotic one. There are a lot of factors affecting this. One reason is due to population explosion wherein the large number of people causes riot and it's impact in the society produces unpleasant behavior to some individuals creating a chain reaction of negativity. On the other hand, to cut this chain, someone has to stop the pattern by changing the attitude into a positive one. 

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