Here We Go Again.....!!

My job takes me all over the world, and once again, I find myself surrounded by shadows. This time is different than most. I've literally turned around several times to see what was behind me. This happened in the space of 10 minutes non-stop. There is definitely something / someone in this apartment. Let's hope it's a friendly ghost.

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There's another post about shadows. But your kind of haunting is easily more...intense. 10 minutes? I'd keel over after that. lol

It sounds like your apartment has earthbound spirits. I've heard of this before in several countries. For some reason, they don't move on and stay in one particular place. More than likely, it is the place where they've lived and died. Hopefully, you won't be there long. 

Hi John! It's better that ghosts are scaring you and not humans with violent intentions.

I was just thinking about your post again...Imagine that..a foreign ghost bugging you! They probably hate Americans! lol

Hey John! Are you still in that place? Sounds like you have an exciting job. Even with the weird stuff going on. I guess as long as it doesn't affect you, enjoy it while you're there.

Hullo, some spirit may have attached themselves to you somehow? Maybe you have a strong psychic presence? 

Hey Dean..Yeah, I'm still here and experiencing a presence that doesn't seem like it will leave any time too soon!

Hey Ruben..Funny that you brought that up. I seem to bring out the worst in the ghost world. 

Hi John. Where are you? Have you tried to talk with them? It seems like they (spirits) are trying to communicate with you. If they aren't demonic, then they could be the earthbound spirits that Carl was referring to.

Yeah John..Where are you?

Hi guys. I'm in Seoul, Korea and the shadows are still with me. sigh...Otherwise, I'm having a wonderful time. 

Hi John! I was in Seoul too, and I know exactly what you mean about the creepy apartments. I had similar experiences when I was there. I always felt as though someone was watching me. For all I know, the apartment could have been bugged. It was unnerving.

Hi John. Is anything else going on inside your apartment? Have you spoken to any Koreans about it? Maybe they share similar experiences.

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